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D. Enderle (Richmond, Texas USA)
Taylor Has All The Answers
As a woman, I frequently have questions about myself. Taylor has certainly cleared up a lot of misconceptions about me and my gender with his Frequently Asked Questions about Women. Kudos, Mr. Taylor, for your intuitive understanding of the mystery that is woman. But more importantly, I learned that I actually do pee my pants when laughing uncontrollably.

P. A. Manazer (CA)
Bringing new meaning to BOOM CHAKA CHAKA, May 12, 2006
First of all, I would pay BIG BUCKS for a companion video of cut number 29! Who is this guy? Even while I was disagreeing with his suggestions, I could feel myself being seduced by his voice. Could he be computer generated? Could he call me every night and say just say, "Sleep tight"? Just as you think his commentary is over, he teases out the last bit of the sentence with three or four of the most amazingly visual metaphores. I could actually see that bird DOING the mating dance...and I had my eyes closed at the time. Buy this CD and share it with all of your friends who are daring and interesting enough to be politically incorrect. Or even better, buy a second one as a gift for a stuffy couple you know and pass it off as legitimate. Either way, you've never been this entertained for so reasonable a price. I wanted to give it six stars. Here is number six "*"

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The grandaddy of them all

FAQ about Women

If Dr. Phil told the truth you would get Frequently Asked Questions About Women as answered by comic D. James Taylor or comic Jim Taylor.
This is the weirdest comedy CD to come to our attention in a while. Frequently Asked Questions About Women is set up as a self-help style audio book but done by a very, very warped self-improvement guru.

The cover for this comedy CD says it all, but in very small print: [women] simply cannot be understood. This CD will help you pretend to understand and this, according to D. James Taylor is the key to a good relationship

The reason why Frequently Asked Questions About Women is such a great though unconventional independent release comedy CD is the many questions this stand-up comic has found an answer to:

  • from how to answer her questions about her breasts,
  • the appropriate time in the relationship when it is okay to fart in front of her (never),
  • sharing fantasies, etc.
  • Basically, D. James Taylor covers everything a guy has ever wanted to know.

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