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Frequently Asked Questions About Women
Delve into the dark and scary recesses of the mind of that most complex and daunting creature, the human female.

With this audio CD you get just over an hour, 28 answers to the questions you need, to truly understand your woman.
Or at least to pretend to. Because that is almost as good.

Plus 2 bonus tracks!

  • The 7 Principals of Seduction
  • Sex in your Nineties: A Practical Guide

Can you help me?

  • Learn to deftly avoid unanswerable questions.
  • Understand the rationale behind those questions.
  • Understand that the word rationale does not mean to limit beer.
  • Grasp the power of denial and self righteous indignation.
  • Through extensive role playing, you can be the man she always wanted.

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FAQ about Women

Like what?

  • What do I do when she asks, "Does my butt look big in these jeans?"
  • The things I once thought were cute now annoy the hell out of me. What happened?
  • She was so beautiful and sexy when we got married, but now? What happened?
  • She makes me hold her purse while we are shopping. How do I tell her she is emasculating me?

Or these.

  • She won't make love to me during that time of the month. Why?"
  • She laughs when I take off my clothes. What can I do?
  • She gets angry when I check out other woman. Why is she so selfish?
  • I get embarrassed when she sends me into the store to buy tampons. Why does she do that?